Ask John and Matthew DeFoe
John hissing either angrily at Trilby of something like that -Lilith


Trilby then baps John over the nose with a newspaper.

Bad. Bad wraith.

Matthew, it's a shame that you couldn't continue your art career. You were very good. Although, are you aware that sometimes your painting has a black figure on it?

Though, I wouldn’t consider restarting my art career as of now, mainly to avoid confusion… perhaps if I use an alias for myself…

As for the landscape I painted long ago… I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that. -Matthew

I think I might know what this person means. I had taken a few glances at it when the manor wasn’t destroyed, and I did actually see something there. Whether I caused it or someone else did, I am not sure.

The painting itself hasn’t been lost in the fire, from what my master tells me… -John

John, did you have a real name before Trilby named you?

I suppose he hated me enough not to give me a ‘real’ one; referring to me as a ‘demon child’.

Although… I do admit that Trilby was kind in giving me a name. It’s the only thing that I am willing to accept from him.

I love you guys so much *hugs* ;v;

Umm- ahh, th-thank you, miss. -Matthew

Well, then. Thank you. -John

Happy Friday the 13th…Again

To the followers of this blog,

If it is of your concern, Matthew and I are very much alive. As of late we have not been receiving any questions, but of course that is not my concern. 

Truthfully, I am a little worried about Matthew. He has been staying locked up in the basement of the house and refuses to come out during the day. I asked why a couple of times, but he said that he’d prefer to stay in there…something about sun issues, but I doubt that. It’s gotten to the point where it unnerves me- and frankly, that is a rather hard task.

Still, we would appreciate any questions at this time-


I’ll get back to all of you in a moment. It’s probably Father again.

What's it like being able to hang out with your brother for the first time?

Truthfully, it’s not very exciting -but I’ll admit Matthew knows a thing or two about sword fighting. Of course, with things like this, you would need to practice. Otherwise-

Things like this would happen. -John

Dear God- John I am so, so sorry! I’ll get the bandages- just stay here and wait! -Matthew

Well, I have an announcement to make- since I have reunited with my brother and had lapsed into a ‘catatonic’ state for two hours followed by a long conversation, I have decided that he and I this run this ask thing together. Hopefully this will be enjoyable for you as well as it will be for us.

…….The word catatonic would describe a severe state of shock, correct?

((OOC: Like I said, I thought about this for a while and decided to make this a two-character blog. I’m going to have to change the url, icon and title, but I’ll wait later in the week.  So anyway, please bear with me and send these two your questions. -P.K))

((OOC: Surprise!

Before anyone gets mad, I had though about this beforehand.  Anyways, I hope that this plot twist doesn’t upset you guys too much. ;^.^ ))

What are your opinions on massive numbers of Trilby clones?


If one Trilby is worse enough, then a massive number of this person would be- honestly, a catastrophe.

No. Just- NO.

How many pairs of socks do you own? What is your most awesome pair of socks?

I only own one pair of socks, and to be quite honest- they are rather plain.  They are pretty good at covering your hands……

You mortals do wear these socks on your hands, right?