Ask John and Matthew DeFoe

Well, I have an announcement to make- since I have reunited with my brother and had lapsed into a ‘catatonic’ state for two hours followed by a long conversation, I have decided that he and I this run this ask thing together. Hopefully this will be enjoyable for you as well as it will be for us.

…….The word catatonic would describe a severe state of shock, correct?

((OOC: Like I said, I thought about this for a while and decided to make this a two-character blog. I’m going to have to change the url, icon and title, but I’ll wait later in the week.  So anyway, please bear with me and send these two your questions. -P.K))

((OOC: Surprise!

Before anyone gets mad, I had though about this beforehand.  Anyways, I hope that this plot twist doesn’t upset you guys too much. ;^.^ ))

What are your opinions on massive numbers of Trilby clones?


If one Trilby is worse enough, then a massive number of this person would be- honestly, a catastrophe.

No. Just- NO.

How many pairs of socks do you own? What is your most awesome pair of socks?

I only own one pair of socks, and to be quite honest- they are rather plain.  They are pretty good at covering your hands……

You mortals do wear these socks on your hands, right?

Would you spontaneously combust if Trilby gave you a slice of cake? ಠvಠ

I doubt such a thing would happen- Trilby, I believe would not be keen at the idea.  If it did however, I would not spontaneously combust. Run into the basement and cower, quite honestly- but not spontaneously combust.

Can you dance? If so, what kind of dance?

I assure you, I know nothing of this ‘dancing’.  As far as I know, it seems to be a series of moving about in a ridiculous manner.

Though it does seem rather catchy……

I know what you did, and I am very disappointed in you. You know what I am talking about.

Yes, I have murdered many people over a century and had not given a damn about it- but is that your only point? If it is, then I state the following in reply: I have, and will never regret what I have done.  Only trying to make me feel remorse is only going to cause you pain- and I’m not referring to mental pain only.

Are you afraid of the dark?

Ha ha HA. It’s rather adorable that you think that I am afraid of the ‘evil-monster-that-hides-in-the-closet’. Ha ha- NO.

I suggest you lock your door.

Good evening, my little creation. How goes it today? My plan is advancing wonderfully; my lord may see all, but he does not sense my plans. You, being the key to them all.

It is an honor to have you here- things are going well in this realm, though I have been troubled by a small matter. 

It is good to hear that your plan is doing well- I am honored to have a role in it.

Do you ever find that the machete is not a sufficient weapon for something?

Personally, I think that my machete is very useful in any situation- but secretly…..

I don’t think it would be useful in that void you mortals call ‘outer space’. You can’t kill space.